Vianova and AWS

The cloud for mobility intelligence

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The cloud for mobility intelligence

As a startup collaborating with cities and mobility providers, we have to connect, integrate, manipulate and store large data sets of connected vehicles data in the context of mobility.

Connected devices are generating massive raw data that requires elastic computing and storage capabilities.

The choice of the public cloud was a key decision in our strategy to focus on the value creation rather than managing or maintaining infrastructure. By fully embracing Infrastructure as Code and SaaS we are able to deliver fast and resilient solutions to our customers.

Why we partnered with AWS



Serverless architecture is at the heart of our platform. Thanks to Lambda functions and S3, we are able to ingest thousands of data on hundred of different provider API's, massively and without scalability concerns.



AWS offers state of the art built-in capabilities or dedicated security solutions. Making our platform and client data secure is one of our main priority. With native encryption at rest and in transit, secure vault for secrets management and web application firewall, we are able to guarantee a security standard.



Velocity is critical in the startup world. Our capacity to deploy new infrastructure in a consistent and reliable manner is powering our ability to create new services for our users in a fast paced environment. Thanks to AWS API and Infrastructure As Code framework

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